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In this post we provide you information about The Mahesh Babu All Movies List in Hindi & Telegu. He is a Famous Telegu Actor, Mahesh Babu is not only an actor but also a Producer, Media Personality and Philanthropist who is manly a full time actor.

He was born in 9 August 1975 on Madras(Currently known as Chennai), Tamil Nadu and firstly debut as a child role in the age of 4 in a film as a cameo Role in Needa (1979). Mahesh Babu is one of the most famous and influential actor of Telegu film industry so the media called him Prince of Tollywood. Most of the Many films of him crosses the mark of billions of business due to his good acting and influential personality. He also owns a Production company i.e. G. Mahesh Babu Entertainment which manly produce south Indian movies of Tollywood.

Mahesh Babu All Movies List in Hindi & Tamil

Mahesh Babu All Movies List

Serial No.Mahesh Babu All Movies ListReleasing Year
1.Raja Kumarudu1999
2.Yuvaraju 2000
3.Vamsi 2000
4.Murari 2001
5.Takkari Donga2002
18.Businessman 2012
19.Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu2013
24.Brahmotsavam 2016
25.Sri Sri 2016
26.Spyder 2017
27.Bharat Ane Nenu2018
28.Manasuku Nachindi2018
30.Sarileru Neekevvaru2020
31.Major 2022(Upcoming)
32.Sarkaru Vaari Paata2022(Upcoming)
Mahesh Babu All Movies List

Mahesh Babu All Movies List as Child

ImageSerial No.Film NameReleasing Year
Needa 1st movie1.Needa1979
Sankharavam Mahesh babu2.Sankharavam 1987
3.Bazaar Rowdy1988
Kodukulu movie4.Mugguru Kodukulu1988
Gudachari 1175.Gudachari 1171989
Koduku Diddina Kapuram Movie6.Koduku Diddina Kapuram1989
Anna Thammudu Movie7.Anna Thammudu1990
Balachandrudu Movie8.Balachandrudu1990

1. Needa

Needa is the 1st movie of telegu superstar Mahesh Babu as a Child role, he only get a chance to have a cameo apperance in the movie. At that time his age is only 4 Years.

DirectorDasari Narayana Rao
Stars Mahesh Babu,Murali Mohan and R. Narayan Murthy

2. Sankharavam 

Sankharavam  is a vintage Telegu Language Action film released in 1987. The film is directed by Krishna who is a great director at that time, film is produced by Padmavathi Films in which producer is considered as U. Suryanarayana Babu. Bhanu Priya, Krishna and Rajani plays their vital role while Mahesh Babu get a chace to play is child role.

ProductionPadmavathi Films
ProducerU. Suryanarayana Babu
StarsBhanupriya, Krishna, Rajani and Mahesh Babu

3. Bazaar Rowdy

Bazaar Rowdy is a famous Action Drama Film of 1988 which is produced by famous U Surayanarayana Babu under the production house Padmavathi Films. Krishna Plays a lead role in this film while this film is directed by A. Kodandarami Reddy. Mahesh babu, Seetha, Gautami and Nadiya was the stars of this movie and the music of this film Bazaar Rowdy is composed by RajKoti.

TitleBazaar Rowdy
MusicRaj Koti
DirectorA. Kodandarami
ProductionPadmavathi Films
ProducerU Suryanarayana Babu
Stars Mahesh babu, Seetha, Gautami and Nadiya

4. Mugguru Kodukulu

Mugguru Kodukulu is famous black and white Telegu Language Action Drama Film which is produced by Padmalaya Studios considering Producer as Ghattamaneni Nagarathnamma. Film is directed by Krishna while he also plays the lead role with his both the sons Mahesh Babu and Ramesh Babu with Radha and Sonam as a lead role in the movie Mugguru Kodukulu. The music of this film Mugguru Kodukulu is composed by K. Chakravarthi.

TitleMugguru Kodukulu
ComposerK. Chakravarthi
Producer Ghattamaneni Nagarathnamma
ProductionPadmalaya Studios
StarsKrishna, Mahesh Babu, Ramesh Babu, Radha and Sonam

5. Gudachari 117

Gudachari 117 is a Telegu Language Film which belong to Spy type genre. This film is released in 1989 under Directed by Kodi RamaKrishna. Shree Vijay Kalyan Movies produce this film considering C.H Gandhi and D. Murali as a Producers. Krishna and BhanuPriya plays lead role while Mahesh Babu, Murali mohan, Gollapudi Maruthi Rao, Giri babu, Ahuthi Prashad and many more plays their respective role in the movie.K. Chakravarthy Composed the songs of this film.

TitleGudachari 117
CastKrishna, Bhanupriya, Mahesh babu and more
Director Kodi RamaKrishna
Producer C.H Gandhi and D. Murali
Production Shree Vijay Kalyan Movies
EditingSuresh Tata
ComposerK. Chakravarthy
StorySVKM Unit

6. Koduku Diddina Kapuram

Koduku Diddina Kapuram is an Telegu Action Drama Film which is released in 21 september 1989 under the Production banner of Padmalaya Studios. The film is directed and produced both by Krishna who was the gret actor and father of Mahesh Babu. Krishna, Vijayashanti and Mahesh Babu cast this film. The musicof this film is composed by Raj Koti. This film is something diffrent for Mahesh babu because this is the 1st film in which he is acting as a Doubled Role artist.

TitleKoduku Diddina Kapuram
MusicRaj Koti
DialogueParuchuri Brothers
Production Padmalaya Studio
Cast Krishna, Vijayashanti and Mahesh Babu

7. Anna Thammudu

Anna Thammudu is an Telegu Language Action Drama Film which is released in 27 July 1990. The film both produced and directed by Krishna under the production company Padmalaya Studio. Krishna, Mahesh Babu and Gautami was the cast of this film Anna Thammudu. Raj Koti done his beautiful job in composing the music of this film.

TitleAnna Thammudu
LyricsVeturi and Sirivennela Sitarama Sastry
MusicRaj Koti
DialoguesTripuraneni Maharadhi
ProductionPadmalaya Studio
CastKrishna, Mahesh babu and Gautami

8. Balachandrudu

Balachandrudu is a Telegu Language film of 1990 which is produced and directed by Krishna who was the famous actor and also the father of Mahesh babu. This film is very special for Mahesh babu because Balachandrudu is the 1st film in which he gets a chance to play a lead role(Title Role). Satayanarayana, Geetha, Sarath Kumar and Rami Reddy also plays their important role in the movie.

Title Balachandrudu
CinematographyPushpala Gopi Krishna
MusicRaj Koti
ProductionPadmalaya Studios
CastMahesh babu, Satayanarayana, Geetha and more

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