All Shershaah Lyrics in Hindi and English

This article is for you to provide Shershaah Lyrics In Hindi and English. Shershaah is the blockbuster Indian Biographical War Film directed by Vishnuvardhan. The film is a biopic of Param Vir Chakra Awardee Captain Vivek Batra, who sacrifices his life for the nation in the Kargil War. The role of Captain Vivek Batra and his girlfriend Dimple Cheema is played by Actor Sidharth Malhotra and Actress Kaira Advani. Sheershaah is produced by Karan Johar with the banner Dharma Production and Kaash Entertainment.

Shershah is one of the best patriotic Hindi films you should never miss. Its a mix of two love stories. Love story of an army man with a girl from his college and on the other side, love story of an army man and his country. Siddharth Malhotra as an army man is faithful to both love stories. He gives his best while fighting at the border and also is sincere and committed in his love life. Siddharth Malhotra has given one of his best performance in this film. This is one of the film he surely will be remembered for.

Talking about Kiara Advani, who plays the character of army man’s love, a Punjabi woman. Kiara has done a good job and people quite impressed with her accent particularly the Punjabi speaking skills she has shown in the film. Worth taking a note of it.

All Shershaah Lyrics In Hindi and English

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Raataan Lambiyan Lyrics in Hindi and English – Shershaah

Raataan Lambiyan Lyrics Shershaah
Raataan Lambiyan Lyrics

Raataan Lambiyan song is from the movie Shershaah which is a blockbuster movie of 2021. The music and lyrics of the song Raatan Lambiyan by Tanishk Bagchi and sung by famous singer Jubin Nautiyal & Asees Kaur.

Mann Bharryaa 2.0 Lyrics in Hindi & English

Mann Bharryaa 2.0 Lyrics
Mann Bharryaa 2.0 Lyrics

Mann Bharryaa 2.0 is a song of the movie Shershaah sung by famous singer B-Praak. This song is the remake of the original album of B-Praak, which is a very heart-touching song that touches many people’s hearts and souls. The emotional lyrics of this song are written by Jaani, composed, and Sung by B-Praak.

Kabhii Tumhhe Song Lyrics in Hindi and English

Kabhii Tumhhe Lyrics

Kabhii Tumhhe is the famous song of Shershaah written by Rashmi Virag and sung by Darshan Raval. Shershaah was a Blockbuster movie of 2021 based on Captain Vivek Batra’s life martyr in the Kargil War.

Ranjha Lyrics In Hindi And English

Ranjha Lyrics

Ranjha is one of the famous songs of 2021 of the film Shershaah, beautifully written lyrics of this song by Anvita Dutt add emotion to it. B-Praak does splendid work in singing this song. Good composting is the major factor that affects the overall experience of that song, this factor is nicely covered up by Jasleen Royal.

Comments on Shershaah Movie

  • Ashiya Khan :- Really an EPIC movie. After a very long time i had watched a best patriotic Hindi movie and this movie is one of my bestest movie i’d seen and connected to it, as i had seen it 5days ago but still can’t get over to it. Each and every thing was so nicely potrayed must say wooooow….the mix emotion and love. It shows 2 love stories one for a girl and other for the country as an Indian Army. As it was a biopic movie; they showed different side of Captain Vikram Batra’s sir personality which made us love him more n more.
  • Subodh :- To my surprise, after so long Bollywood has given us a movie with such brilliant cinematography and screenplay, good music, and splendid performances by all the actors. A beautiful and healtfelt biopic of Late Captain Vikram Batra, martyred in 1999, during the Kargil War. The film totally justifies the character and bravery of the Captain. Also, it brings to light his jolly nature and his love life. Kiara Advani’s performance is top notch throughout the film. Though she had a limited screentime yet she managed to bring out all the emotions perfectly. Be it the emotion of longing when he left for his military training or the feeling of grief and sorrow when she waited for years and he came back, wrapped up in tricolour, it made us weep like a baby. The soulful music and Bpraak’s notes also deserve a huge applause and appreciation. I can vouch for him that no one else could have done it better. Did I miss anything? Yes, Siddhartha Malhotra’s performance! He was ofc at his best. The way he portrayed the life of Captain is beyond praise. Best part is all the dialogues were inspired from real life and it felt so unreal.
  • Adyasha :- Don’t know what to say I’m just so overwhelmed after watching the movie “Shershaah”. Words will be less to say anything about Captain Vikram Batra and this movie. Till now we’ve only heard about his dedication and sacrifice but nothing more we knew about him but this film gave us a chance to see different sides of Captain Vikram Batra. The way he was with his family, with his friends, with his lover, with his team mates, with everyone he knew. For his family,friends, lover and team mates he was an impatient man with a dream to serve his country and a very filmy and cool guy, with lots of power, energy, dedication towards his work.
  • Jayant Mandhare :- Siddharth Malohtra really fit into the shoes of Cpt.Vikram Batra. Felt really awesome that casting people took efforts to select right people for all the different roles in this movie. Even though this movie had some song sequences but those were kept at minimum I believe they should completely remove songs for such biopics.But again its always pleasure to hear new songs that set a tone for a movie. The cinematography was amazing also the CGI was amazing where the bullets getting fired seems to be real. Some of the mountain war sequences seemed repetitive as some of them were already shown in similar movie Lakshya. Actually I think Lakshay’s war sequences are totally a carbon copy of capt.vikram batra’s real life events. So I was amused while watching this movie as Lakshya was another great movie which I watched several times.Its great to know that it was related to real life event. All in all it is a great movie. If someone didn’t watched lakshay movie yet they will enjoy the war sequences. The songs are beautiful in this movie.Kiara also played her part really well she stood out during all her scenes. Even the other side actors did quality of work without going overboard.
  • Saurabh Choudhary :- A Brilliant War Film and Salute to the Valor of the Martyr – everything is perfect in this. Well captured and screened in time. It is just Vishnu Vardhan and Sanjeev Srivastava’s Direction and Screenplay respectively timed it well. Vishnu Vardan been active for years in South Film Industry with great hits in his kitty took it up this perfectly and understood the nerve what it more like to be – a biopic with each ounce look to be lively.


  • When does the Shershaah Film released?

    12 August 2021 is the date the Shershaah movie was released.

  • Who produced the film Shershaah?

    Karan Johar produced the film Shershaah.

  • Which production company produce the film Shershaah?

    Dharma Production and Kaash Entertainment was the production companies of the movie Shershaah.

  • To whom the movie Shershaah is based on?

    Shershaah was based on the life of Capt. Vikram Batra.

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