Kabhii Tumhhe Song Lyrics in Hindi and English

This article is for you to provide Kabhii Tumhhe Song Lyrics in Hindi and English. Kabhii Tumhhe is the famous song of Shershaah written by Rashmi Virag and sung by Darshan Raval. Shershaah was a Blockbuster movie of 2021 based on Captain Vivek Batra’s life martyr in the Kargil War. All the songs of Shershaah were a hit like Raataan Lambiyaa, Ranjha, and Mann Bharryaa 2.0and this song was also a hit in 2021.

If we talk about the success of the song then we get, it crosses the mark of 94 Million+ Views and 1.7 Million+ Likes. The popularity of Kabhii Tumhee is not only in India but also in foreign countries, peoples from abroad love the song and feel the emotion which is diluted in this song

Kabhii Tumhhe Song Lyrics in Hindi and English

About Song

TitleKabhii Tumhe
Original Soundtrack, Theme
written and Composed by
SingerDarshan Raval
Mix and Mastered byEric Pillai(Future Sound Of Mumbai)
ProductionDharma Production
LabelSony Music Company
GenreLove Song

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Kabhii Tumhhe Song Lyrics in English

Tum agar manaoge toh maan jaaunga
Main tere bulane pe laut aaunga

Har safar mein saath tera
Main yuhi nibhaunga

Kabhi tumhe yaad meri aaye
Palkon se zulf hata lena
Saaf dikhunga main tumko wahin
Jo na dikhun toh bata dena

Kabhi mujhe der jo ho jaaye
Waqt ko thoda bacha lena
Phir se milonga main tumko wahin
Jo na miloon toh saza dena


Meri zameen ko tere kadam ka
Na jaane kab se tha intezaar
Ik na ik din aana hai tumko
Dil ko mere hai yeh aitbaar

Main khuda se tere siva
Kuch aur na mangun ga

Kabhi tumhe yaad meri aaye
Itni si baat samajh jaana
Phir se milonga main tumko wahin
Raah se meri guzar jaana
aaaa, aaaa, aaa,aaaaa, aaaaa,
aaa, aaaa, aaa, aaaa...

Kabhii Tumhhe Song Lyrics in Hindi

तुम अगर मनोगे तो मान जाउंगा
मैं तेरे बुलाने पर लौटूंगा

हर सफर में साथ तेरा
मैं युही निभौंगा

कभी तुम्हें याद मेरी आए
पलकों से जुल्फ हटा लेना
साफ दिखूंगा मैं तुमको वही
जो न दिखूं तो बताता देना

कभी मुझे डर जो हो जाए
वक्त को छोटा बच्चा लेना
फिर से मिलोंगा मैं तुमको वहीँ
जो ना मिलन तो सज़ा देना


मेरी ज़मीन को तेरे कदम का
ना जाने कब से था इंतजार
एक ना एक दिन आना है तुमको
दिल को मेरे है ये ऐतबारी

मैं खुदा से तेरे शिव
कुछ और न मंगुन गा

कभी तुम्हें याद मेरी आए
इतनी सी बात समझ जाना:
फिर से मिलोंगा मैं तुमको वहीँ
राह से मेरी गुजर जाना
आ, आ, आ, आ, आ, आ,
आ, आ, आ, आ...

Comments on Kabhii Tumhhe song

  • Nile Silverstein :- This is one of my Favourite Song and Movie, loved the story and deeply touched with the passion of Vikram Batra towards our Nation & Indian Army.What an example and sacrifice by Dimple Cheema living in the memory of the Great Param Vir Chakra Vikram Batra.
  • Jannatul Mawa :-Every time I have heard this song, I have remembered my loved one . I did not find him in the real sense. Maybe not. But I can feel him with my eyes closed for life ; When this song is played in the ears. I sincerely wanted him to be able to contribute to the defense. And I hope he really can. I will pray in my heart for that MAN.
  • Bidyut Kumar Biswas :- Each and every words of the song are emotional and heartfelt. And the voice of Darshan raval as usual so amazing and made the song a perfect melancholy.
  • SAndeep Soni :- Full power and respect to our Men in Uniform..the REAL sons of our Motherland..but, spare a thought and a prayer to the mothers and sisters and wives of these Bravehearts…salute to their selfless sacrifices..we shall forever be endebted to these courageous women.
  • Rabaya Aketar :- Never been in a relationship never like or loved someone still this song their story chemistry and gabbu’s voice just hits very different. Sometimes it calms my mind sometimes I just want to cry a lot.

Kabhii Tumhhe Song Video


Who sung the song Kabhii Tumhhe?

Darshan Raval Sung the song Kabhii Tumhhe.

Who wrote the lyrics of Kabhii Tumhhe?

Rashmi Virag wrote the lyrics of Kabhii Tumhhe.

Who is the composer of the song Kabhii Tumhhe?

Javed-Mohsin was the composers of song Kabhii Tumhhe.

Who featured the song Kabhii Tumhhe?

Sidharth Malhotra and Kiara Advani featured the song Kabhii Tumhhe.

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