Billie Eilish-Getting Older Lyrics

Billie Eilish-Getting Older Lyrics is written by FINNEAS & Billie Eilish, Sung by Billie Eilish and released on 30 July 2021. This song is loved by many peoples from different sides of world i.e different countries of the world so it crosses the mark of 10 Million+ Views and 330K+ Likes on YouTube.

Regardless of the numbers this Album is story of the Billie Eilish, her vulnerability. This song implicitly informs us of how important to talk about your mental health to the right people who will take you and stories seriously and give you the actual help you need. You do not have to necessarily keep trying hard to draw the attention of the same people who keep invalidating your emotions because that only signifies they are not willing to be there for you. If they are, you wouldn’t even feel the need to force yourself to sound worse and look worse in the first place to make them believe in what you are going through.

Billie Eilish-Getting Older Lyrics

About Lyrics

TitleGetting Older
LyricsFINNEAS & Billie Eilis
MusicInterscope Records
SingerBillie Eilish
LabelDarkroom/Interscope Records

Billie Eilish-Getting Older Lyrics

This is Billie Eilish-Getting Older Lyrics


I am getting older, I think I am aging well
I wish someone had told me I'd be doing this by myself
There's reasons that I am thankful, there's a lot I am grateful for

But it is different when a stranger's always waiting at your door
Which is ironic 'cause the strangers seem to want me more
Than anyone before (Anyone before)
Too bad they are usually deranged

Last week, I realized I crave pity
When I retell a story, I make everything sound worse
Can not shake the feeling that I am just bad at healing

And maybe that is the reason every sentence sounds rehearsed
Which is ironic because when I wasn't honest
I was still being ignored (Lying for attention just to get neglection)
Now we are estranged

Things I once enjoyed
Just keep me employed now
Things I am longing for

Someday, I will be bored of
It is so weird
That we care so much until we do not
I am getting older, I have got more on my shoulders
But I am getting better at admitting when I am wrong

I am happier than ever, at least, that is my endeavor

To keep myself together and prioritize my pleasure
'Cause, to be honest, I just wish that what I promise
Would depend on what I am given,(Not on his permission)
(Wasn't my decision) To be abused,

Things I once enjoyed
Just keep me employed now
Things I am longing for,
Someday, I will be bored of
It is so weird

That we care so much until we do not

But next week, I hope I am somewhere laughing

For anybody asking, I promise I will be fine
I have had some trauma, did things I did not wanna
Was too afraid to tell ya, but now, I think it is time.

Comments on Getting Older Song Of Billie Eilish

  • idxntknowhy :- I love how Billie takes the idea of “getting older” and growing up and how she puts it into a new light like getting older is not always bad, it’s good because you heal and get past things yk, this is the first track and I’m already absolutely in love with this album. Billie and Finneas never fail to amaze me.
  • Indie Blish :- Currently listening to this 12 minutes before I turn 17. I’m scared. I’m excited. I’m wishing I could stop time to be 16 for just a little while more. I’ll miss 16. Edit: Goodbye lmfao y’all stop coming at me I was sentimental I ale know it isn’t even all that, age 17 has been so dry lol. Show less.
  • The Pixilated Potato :- I just want to give Billie a hug, She doesn’t need to Change for anyone, and she shouldn’t, she’s amazing the way she is. She has an amazing voice, a beautiful heart, a smart mind, and that’s why she doesn’t need to change.
  • Kali Primp :- This album seems like a reversal of how she’s doing fine now but rewinds time each track to tell us what she’s been through. It’s sad what young stars go through tbh but this album is amazing.
  • Tyrion :- She turns 20 today, speaking of getting older, and I was wondering earlier if that has any significance, in terms of her continued incredible success, because her original fans are also transitioning from teen hood to young adulthood, with all the changes that implies. The genius of this song, lyrically alone, should make people realize she is not another passing teen pop diva, but a legitimately gifted artist, and one worth following long term. I hope that will happen, but if one thinks of just a few other female pop explosions from the past twenty or so years, it becomes clear that longevity in the music business is hard to come by. I mean, I’m sure they all still make money and have fans that turn out to all their shows, but whereas once their names were on everybody’s lips, you simply never hear those names anymore. Just think of Roy Rogers. Show less.

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Who is the Singer of Getting Older Album?

Billie Eilish was the Singer of Getting Older Album.

What is the total views of Gettting Older Album Song on Youtube?

At the time the view count is 9.5 Million+.

When does the song Getting Older of Billie Eilish Released?

30 July 2021 is the date in which the song Getting Older of Billish Eilish is released.

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