Everything You Need To Know About Swimming headphones

If you are looking to buy  Swimming headphones for you or another one please keep some essential things in your mind before spending your money. As you know there are countless manufacturers in the market that offer swimming headphones for each budget segment.

But selecting the best product is a difficult job that takes your lot of time in research. So we are here to make it easy. In this buyer’s guide, we include all major factors that are necessary for a good waterproof headphone.  

Wired or wireless


When you are going to purchase a waterproof headphone please keep in mind how to connect to your device, if it’s wired, then you have to use a waterproof device as well.

While many phone manufacturers and music creators are inventing devices that are waterproof nowadays, you may have the phone that’s a few years old and can’t go underwater.

swimming headphones

In that case, you want to invest in a waterproof bag that can keep with you to connect your device to your waterproof headphones.If you fulfill these requirements and make your mind to purchase a wired headphone, you should go with a shortcode wired headphone that won’t get in the way of your exercise.


Wireless headphones are more convenient and easy to use, you don’t need to have your device with you while swimming. They are operating with Bluetooth technology, which offers up to 30 ft seamless connection with your device, so don’t worry about any problem of wires and cords.

swimmibng headphones



And there is a further possibility that you can pick, there are several waterproof headphone makers that offer a combo of waterproof headphones and music players( also waterproof) that have inbuilt memory to operate your music. These appear in both wireless and wired options. So you don’t require any other device to enjoy your favorite music.


Water-Resistant vs Waterproof


Water-resistance means the lowest level of protection against the water device is covered with layers of polyurethane coating to form dust and splash of water. Water-resistance devices are just ideal for the gym, near the poolside, and other exercises. However, they are not meant to be used for things like swimming or diving.



Waterproof means that the device is completely protracted against water.it can be submerged and nothing will damage. It is also important to check out how deep waterproof devices can go. Because water builds up pressure as you go down, which can cause issues for any technology. All waterproof device manufacturers can tell you. How deep in the water device can survive. So be sure to look at that before buying an item. However, if you are looking to buy headphones for swimming you should go with waterproof headphones.

IP rating:-


There are IP rating matters. Any IP rating you see has two numbers- to exemplify,” IP67”.The first number 6 tells you how good it is at keeping out dust, while the second 7 tells you how it will keep out water. higher numbers typically mean it’s better in that task. So For swimming purposes, you should choose IP68 certified products.  



Durability is a major key point for a good swimming headphone. Because when you buy a cheap headphone they do not come with a strong build hence they get damaged easily. So a little more money spent means you get better materials(rubber, good quality plastic, etc) which will hold up to the water better. Hence, you can use them for a longer time, thus giving full value for money.

Sound quality:-

As we know the sound quality of any headphones is an essential factor that will not be compromised with. Normally, wired headphones deliver good sound quality as compared to wireless phones. Because a Bluetooth signal is not properly working underwater.


So while you will get some music from a wireless connection you will face so many disturbances and loss of quality. However, you should also check the frequency range and quality of motorists for getting better bass and crisp clear audio.


Fit & comfort:-

As regular headphones, swimming headphones can be hard to fit into the ear. Thanks to many companies that are offering different sizes and options of earbud tips when you buy their swimming headphones. These earbuds and hooks are perfect for giving you a secure fit and are a comfort to the ears.it should not hurt your ears even after long hours of use. These hooks and earbuds work as earplugs that keep out the water from your ears while swimming. However, If your waterproof headphones are not fitting properly, so they aren’t doing their job at protecting your ears. Plus earbuds falling out constantly which is very annoying and you cannot swim properly.



controllers for swimming headphones

The important feature is that swimming headphones should have a controller so you can play/pause, change the song tracks, and volume + or volume -, , and answer calls as well.

Noise insulation and inbuilt mic:-

Some swimming headphones feature a noise-canceling function that can be great. If you want to surround yourself in your music, then looking into a pair of underwater headphones that shuts out all other noise is the way to go. And the headphone should have a mic to pick your calls.

Battery life:-


Swimming headphones should have a good battery life, so you can enjoy music for more time.it should have at least 8 hours of battery backup and also fast charging support so the battery gets juice up fastly. 



As we know swimming headphones are quite expensive as compared to regular once. You should keep in mind your budget. If you have a tight budget then, you should go with cheap swimming headphones. But if your pocket allows you then it is good to buy more expensive underwater headphones because they have more features and are more durable than the cheaper options.


There is a lot that can go wrong with headphones, mainly when they are in underwater conditions.salt water and chlorine can damage headphones if they are not made well.so to remember this thing in your mind. You Should buy a headphone that offers a warranty of 1 year. 


Note:- (After reading this swimming headphones buyer’s guide, if you make your mind to buy a good pair of headphones for you. so you don’t need to go anywhere, we made a list of top 12 best waterproof headphones for swimming so check now. )


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