The Top 7 best earphones for Pubg mobile under Rs 1000

If you are a Pubg lover or a regular player, you may know the importance of sound during gameplay. The sound is the backbone of any game that delivers the overall best experience to a player. But sadly, mobile speakers are not capable to provide all sound effects to your ears. However, a headphone is a solution to this problem, Because they support high-frequency range and deliver an enjoyable audio experience to your ears. Several manufacturers offer the best quality gaming headphones for all budget segments. But it is choosing the right pair of earphones along with a tight budget. It will be a difficult task that takes your lots of time and research.

So to make it easy, I prepared a list of top 7 best earphones for Pubg mobile under 1000. But before checking our list you should read some important elements to buy a gaming headphone

How earphones/ headphones affect your gameplay?

In a game like PUBG.. sound is more important than sight…

In close range fights or while pushing an enemy in the house, the sound is the most essential thing…getting to know where the enemy is will be a huge bonus for you. The sound mechanics in-game are directional (3d) (foot-steps sound, gun reloading, and others), and you can experience the best with headphones. You can 

In long-range fights, the sound is also essential. Sound of the gunshot will tell you the direction of the enemy, and you can also figure out at what distance he is. After that, spotting the enemy(precisely) comes, …which is dependent on the individual.

Important things before buying a gaming headphone/earphone.

Design & Durability:

Headphones should be made from high-quality material such as metal, ammonium, and good quality plastic. So you can use them for 6 months or a year. Wire ought to toggle free and length 1-meter plus. 

Sound quality :

Before buying a headphone, you should check the sound quality. The sound quality depends on two things first as a driver and another frequency range. The driver is the thing in the headphone that generates the sound; it generally made of magnet, voice coil, and a diaphragm. If driver size more massive it better the sound. The headphone should support a high-frequency range of 20 Hz to 20000 kHz.( Good for bass ).so you enjoy the overall best experience of gaming.

Comfort and fit :

Always choose headphones that give you more comfort and fit. So you use them for an extended period. However, if headphones not comfortable and fit properly in your ear canal. Then you feel irritated while playing games that not good at all. Further, it should have soft silicone ear tips, so they do not injure your ears.

Mic :

The mic is an essential thing while playing battle royale games because you need to communicate with your team members to give and receive commands, so always prefer decent quality mic. That produces noise-free output with clear voice clarity. 

The Top 7  best earphones for Pubg mobile under Rs 1000


1. Jbl c200s1

earphones for pubg mobile under 1000


 JBL C200Si has the first position on our list. As we know, JBL offers a signature sound feature in all its products, so they maintain this thing at a lower price. It has a noise-canceling mic for better communication with your teammates without facing any call outs and noise. If you have a tight budget then, JBL c200si is one of the best earphones for pubg mobile under 1000.

It comes with 9mm dynamic drivers and JBL pure bass technology that delivers crystal bright audio output and deep you don’t miss any minor details while playing games or listens to music.

JBL CS200si comes with a metallic finish that looks premium and eye-catching. It has a lightweight design with comfortable tips with 3 different sizes so you can use them according to size. The headphone has one universal button to control your music and to make or answer the calls. It has the support of a high-Frequency range of range20-20kHz. 


  • premium finish

  • Noise-canceling mic

  • Support of JBL pure bass technology

  • plastic build

2.Mi Dual Driver In-ear Earphones

earphones for pubg mobile under 1000

Recently mi launched its Brand- new headphone, Mi dual drivers in-ear earphones. The earphones come with dual drivers system. It has two dynamic drivers sized of 10 mm and 8 mm, which produces Crisp Vocals & Rich Bass. Due to dual drivers, it focuses on all frequencies to deliver a complete sound stage. The surround sound effect is on another level. While playing games, you can hear foot-step accurately.

The earbuds have the support of passive noise cancellation so you can use them in any crowded area. The inbuilt mic has a decent quality that makes, it ideal for making calls and recording.

The earbuds machined out of anodized aluminum with magnetic backs, which lets you attach the two of them. Overall, earbuds have a sturdy build. It has a ]Tangle-Free Braided Cable length of 1.25 m and an L shaped connector to protect headphone’s 3.5mm jack from damages.

The earbuds come with buttons that can utilize to manage calls and music. The headphone comes with 6 months of warranty as well. If you are looking for overall headphones in the price range of 800, then Mi dual drivers great option. 

  • Dual dynamic drivers

  • The L shape connecter Willi increases your mobility while gaming.

  • It has 0 distortion

  • Passive noise cancellation

  • Controller buttons do not have any partition between them .so you may face problems like pressing two buttons at the same time.

3. 1More piston fit 

earphones for pubg mobile under 1000

If we carefully look at piston fit design, It feels like mi dual-driver headphones, due to its metal housing, which made from an aluminum alloy that feels and looks sturdy. Eartips angled at 45-degree results. You get a better fit.

The headphone comes with 10 mm dynamic drivers with a dual-layer of composite drivers, which made from titanium that gives to better sound quality and robust bass. The 1more piston fit have an impedance of 32 oHMS and a frequency response of 20 to 20000 Hz

Mids beautifully represent and sound quite high. The tuning might have directed at accuracy and a balanced, almost natural sound signature. Overall it delivers a well-balanced sound and bass.

Piston fit has 1.2-meter code with L shaped 3.5 mm gold plated connector that is more useful to while gaming. The headphone has a good quality mic as well. One universal button to control calls and music, but sadly, you cannot control volume level with it.

  • aluminum alloy chamber gives a muscular build.

  • Good quality, dynamic drivers.

  • Deep bass

  • silicone ear-tips has low quality, so you need to buy another one.

  • Sound leakage problem.

  • Only one button to control music

4. Sony MDR-EX150AP


earphones for pubg mobile under 1000

Sony always offers excellent quality products in all niches, so here they maintain this thing at a budget-friendly price. The Sony MDR-Ex150APis great pair of headphones with a lower price tag. The headphones have Shiny Mettalic Finish Housing that looks stunning, but it made from plastic. 

The headphone used 9 mm, dynamic drivers, with Neodymium magnet and copper-clad aluminum wire, the combination delivers you well-balanced sound performance. MDR-Ex150ap is the only headphone in our list that has the support of the highest frequency range of 5hz to 24 kHz.which helps you to listen to the miner to miner details of whatever you play. 

It has inbuilt a noise cancellation mic that delivers crisp, bright output without any distortion and noise. So you make better communication with your teammates while playing games. 

It has 3 different sized ear tips in the box so you can use them according to your choice—3.5 mm jack in form L shaped connector with 1.2 m cord that has good quality as well. The headphones are available in 6 different colors option so you can pick your favorite one.

  • Lightweight (13g) and comfortable design

  • Rich details and balanced bass

  • 1-year warranty

  • The wires are not tangled free

  • Sound leakage and less noise isolation

5. Ptorn boom 3 4d

earphones for pubg mobile under 1000

Ptorn boom 3 earphones have an attractive design with the plastic build but feels premium. The company used 8 mm; dual drivers mean it has a total of 4 drivers that gives you the fantastic stereo sound experience and profound bass effects. The earphones deliver crystal clear audio, so you do not miss any details. The dual-driver features make it ideal for Pubg.

The earphones have an in-ear soft silicone ear cap design that adjusts to your ear gives you more comfort and secure fit so that you can use them for an extended period. Ptorn boom 3 keeps a high-quality microphone along with noise cancellation features that are useful while making calls, recording, and playing games as well. 

The 3.5 mm gold-plated audio jack and 1.2m tangle-free cable, covered by durable material of TPE, provides the slim and soft-touch feeling. The headphones support the frequency range of 20Hz~20KHz. It has three buttons to control calls and music, and you can also access smart assistants in just one button press. The company offers a soft carrying case with it. So you can use them while traveling, no worry about damages and loss. ( overall the headphones dual drivers makes it best earphones for pubg mobile under 1000.)

  • The build quality is excellent.

  • Noise cancellation is decent.

  • It’s ear burds fit on your ear

  • Bass quality is too good

  • Sound leakage problem.

6. Realme buds 2 


Realme is a new player in the mobile industry, and they perform very well, and they offer high-quality products at lower prices. They recently launched their new earbuds, known as Realme earbuds2. The design of earbuds is real impressive earbuds chambers constructed with plastic and matte finish with the logo of Realme on the backsides of earbuds. There are magnets at the back of each of the casings, letting the two stick together when you aren’t using them. 

The Realme Buds 2 has 11.2mm drivers, each with an impedance rating of 32 ohms, a sensitivity rating of 108dB, and a frequency response range of 20-20,000Hz.To deliver the best sound quality with a sincere bass company used 11.2 mm bass boost significant drivers that give you rich bass experience.

The bass response was elevated compared to the mid-range, and the bass was even a bit more aggressive than the highs. However, the sound was clean for the most part, comfortable to listen to, and could get very loud. its sound quality makes it the best earphones for pubg mobile under 1000.

There is a three-button in-line remote with a microphone for hands-free use on the right cable. The cable quality is also good, which uses fabric wrapped that makes it durable. The company provides a total of three pairs of ear tips in the box.

  • Elegant design and build quality

  • Clean Vocals

  • punchy bass

  • Great value for money

  • Highs lack punch at times
  • No angel jack

7. boAt Bassheads 225 

The boat is known as a well-reputed company in India the same as JBL. Usually, boat manufacture products for the high price segment. But in recent months, they offer headphones at a lower price range. One of them is boat Bassheads 225. It is an entry-level headphone. As the name shows, it mainly focuses on bass. The driver chambers of these earphones are made out of polished metal and a knurled pattern on them for better grip.

They used 10 mm audio drivers that produce sonic clarity, bass-driven stereo sound. The drivers have a frequency range of 20hz- 20 kHz and earphones impedance of 16 Ohms and do not need a lot of power to drive them. Baseheads 225 has a loud sound that is ideal for people who like listening to music at higher volumes. Overall, it delivers crystal clear sound with extra bass. But when you use it on the high volume, they get overpowered bass.

It has a 1.2m flat cable, which is tangle-free. There is an in-line remote that has a microphone and a single button. That can for making calls and controlling music. It has six ear tips with hooks in the box, so you use them according to your comfort and fit, these also increase noise cancellation.

There are six color options Black, Blue, Forest Green, Frosty White, Neon Lime, and Red so you can choose your favorite one. The boat offers a 1-year warranty on headphones.  overall is the best earphones for pubg  mobile under 1000

  • Excellent build quality

  • Bundled ear hooks

  • Oversensitive microphone

  • Bass overpowers mids and highs


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