Top 8 Best bookshelf speakers under $100

As we know, bookshelf speakers are well known for their designs and sound quality. And these both things take more money to spend as compared to other products. Because bookshelf speakers come with high price tags, that becomes a barrier for some people who look to buy best bookshelf speakers under $100 of a tight budget. 

Luckily, thanks to some manufacturers, those offer good quality bookshelf speakers at a lower price. But, choosing the best one of them takes lots of time, so to make it easy we make a list of the Top 8 best bookshelf speakers under $100. 

Note: ( We make this list of best bookshelf speakers based on personal use, customer reviews, and online research. )

Buyers Guide for bookshelf speakers

There are a number of important things that you should keep in mind before buying bookshelf speakers. Let’s check them one by one. 

Passive vs powered:-

There are two types of bookshelf speakers in the market passive and powered or active. A pair of a passive speaker required an amplifier or receiver to get them to produce sound. However powered or active speakers just needed to plug, and it started working without any other equipment.


When you go to buy bookshelf speakers always look at which martial is used in the construction of a cabinet of speakers. It should have MDF wood because it gives sturdy build and decrees the distraction as well.


With speakers, sometimes size does matter. While you might be inclined to search out the smallest and cutest pair you can find, know that a larger couple will generally offer fuller sound. Moreover, as bookshelf setups typically lack a subwoofer, you will be relying on your two speakers to produce sufficient bass.

Sound quality:-

The sound quality of speakers always matters so always buy prominent sized drivers speakers, and it should have tweeters as well. However, speakers will support a high-frequency range of 40 Hz to 20khz. So you enjoy all types of music.

Top 8 Best bookshelf speakers under  $100


1.Edifier R1280T

best bookshelf speakers under $100

The Edifier R1280T is the first speaker in our list; it has built of high-quality MDF wood that gives it sturdy build and classic wood finish as well. The speaker has a 13 mm silk dome with a 4-inch bass driver that has premium composite cone woofer. They deliver well- balanced audio performance with rich bass also supports high-frequency range.

Edifier R1280T is the best active bookshelf speaker in this budget. You can equalize your favorite music without any amplifier. The speaker has two AUX inputs so a user can connect any two 3.5mm headphones supported devices with the speaker. 

For more convenience, the speaker has A compact sized handy remote control. That can use to adjust the volume and set the speakers to mute when needed without having to reach the speaker’s power and perfection at your fingertips. However, the Edifier R1280T comes with the built-in tone control at the side of the speaker and two buttons as well for micro-adjustment of bass and trebles.


  • Good-looking design and solid MDF construction.

  • They perform really well at the middle and high frequencies.

  • The package includes audio cables and remote control.

  • Dual RCA inputs and aux inputs for multiple audio sources and secure connection.

  • No need for an amp. These are powered, speakers.

  • The bass section lacks punch and power.

  • No 1/4-inch or XLR. These are sometimes used for studio connections.

2.Micca MB42


best bookshelf speakers under $100


The next speaker on our list by a USA company Micca they are well known for making bookshelf speakers. The Micca MB42x has a good looking design and muscular build of high-quality components. They are relatively compact with a classic black enclosure, covered in wood-grain patterned vinyl with softened angles and rounded corners. 

If we look at the sound quality, it has 4 inches woven woofer with a carbon fiber cone. It sits within a rubber surround to optimize bass performance, delivering distortion-free bass thanks to the ported enclosure design. It also has a high-performance 0.75-inch silk dome tweeter for smooth treble and accurate imaging. 

Micca MB42 is a passive bookshelf speaker, so you should have an amplifier or receiver to use this speaker. It supports high-frequency response: of 60Hz-20kHz and consumes only 75 watts. They are for sitting on a shelf and stand at 9.5″ high, with a space-saving footprint of only 5.8″ X 6.5″. Mainly if you looking for best passive bookshelf speakers under $100 then Micca MB42 for you. 


  • Compact model with a smaller footprint.

  • 150 watts per pair.

  • American manufacturing.

  • Low price.

  • Passive speakers – they require an amplifier to work.

 3.Polk Audio T15

best bookshelf speakers under $100

The Polk audio t15 is another cheap budget option on our list. Polk constructs decent quality audio electronics with affordable price-tags, that feature trickle-down technology from their more expensive sets.

Polk Audio T15 has a construction of high-pressure MDF that not only provides a sturdy build but also reduces resonance and distortion. Hence you get rich, detailed audio. 

The speakers have a 5.25-inch composite driver and 0.75-inch tweeter with a performance-tuned front-firing bass port. They engineered this combination of ( drivers, and tweeter )with Polks proprietary dynamic balance technology. It delivers a sound that is warm with remarkable imaging, complete with clear highs, a well-defined, yet wide-open mid-range, and surprisingly good bass response, too. 

The speaker is easy to set up and compatible with all receivers & amplifiers they support Dolby and DTS as well. It supports the frequency range of 60 Hz to 24 kHz. The recommended power consumption is 20 – 100 watts.


  • ​The drivers utilize Dynamic Balance technology

  • More significant than average, 5.25-inch composite woofer driver

  • Has a front-firing bass port

  • Better frequency response than in some pricier options

  • You’ll have to invest in an amplifier separately.


4. Dayton Audio B652-AIR


Best bookshelf speakers under $100


The Dayton Audio B652 Air comes with a compact, wall-mounted design that is easy to set up. Also, the sound sounds excellent and is ideal for home theatres because the cone woofer in polypropylene produces excellent bass, and the 4-layer voice coil achieves an outstanding balance. Also, most speakers use plastic housing components to save costs.

Still, the Dayton Audio Bookshelf Speaker uses a sturdy wood composite case that minimizes resonance and improves warmth without sacrificing brightness. The wooden design also suits many decors, so do not worry that they do not look right. 

The frequency range of these speakers is 85 Hz – 20k Hz, ideal for listening to music and watching movies. The sensitivity is also 84 dB, which means that you can play music in ultra-loud places, and the quality of the audio does not get worse.

The frequency range is excellent for watching movies, but if you like bass-intensive music, the 85-Hz limit will not reduce it. Also, the weight of the speakers is 8.4 pounds, which means that if you mount them incorrectly, they can easily fall and break due to the significant weight. Overall, they are undoubtedly one of 2020 Updated: Best bookshelf speakers under $100.


  • Comes with built-in subwoofer

  • Dense, stable wood design

  • Easily mountable

  • frequency range could be wider

 5.Fluance SX6WH


 Best bookshelf speakers under $100


If you are looking for a prominent size bookshelf speaker at a lower price point, then Fluence sx6wh is an option for you. The speaker has 13.5 x 8.3 x 9.1 Inch denominations; it is a bigger-than-average cabinet size. The MDF construction is finished off by wood-mock vinyl veneers that look great. 

SX6WH has a 5-inch woofer driver with butyl rubber surround and a 1-inch ferrofluid-cooled tweeter that provides an accurate high-frequency response. They also have banana plugs and five-way binding posts on the back.

The speaker delivers a well-balanced sound that Very accurate with bass that’s noticeable, but not overwhelming or exaggerated. There’s also this incredible level of immersion with the highs and mid-range sounds, and vocals that have a presence so rich and powerful that they’ll make you weep. 

It has the support of a 50 Hz to 20 kHz frequency range, 30-watt to 100-watt power handling, and 89-dB sensitivity.


  • MDF construction with an elevated matching platform

  • Detachable grille hides a soft-dome tweeter and a woofer driver

  • Features banana plugs and five-way binding posts on the back

  • Exceptional soundstage and immersion for the price range

  • Covered by a lifetime warranty

  • The bass ports are rear-firing


6. Monoprice MP-65RT


bookshelf speakers under 100

The Monoprice Mp 65rt is another low budget speaker in our list if we look at the design it has brushed black finish which looks simple. The speaker grill has removable black clothes as well. 

The speaker has the construction of ½ thick MDF all around, and there is no Bracing. The removable grilles are constructed out of a ¼” thick sheet of MDF shaped cutouts for the drivers and overlayed by a piece of black acoustically-transparent fabric.

The Mp-65rt speaker has 6.5 inches Polypropylene cone woofer, which is quite big as compared to competitors at the low price point. The woofer is capable of delivering crisp, clear sound, and good bass while listening to music or watching movies. MP-65RT comes with ribbon tweeters that offer an exceptionally high-frequency response of (6Hz to 20kHz), lower distortion, and excellent clarity. mainly it’s the best sound 

It supports the output of 30 watts RMS, 60 watts can use these speakers as a satellite speakers in a 5.1 channel or more speakers system that makes it ideal to use in the office, bedroom, or small sizes living rooms. 


  • Bright and natural audio performance.

  • Ribbon tweeter cuts down on distortion.

  • Large woofer to give power in lows and mids.

  • 60 Hz – 20 kHz frequency response.

  • Passive speakers – you need an amp of some description.

  • They don’t perform quite as high at the high frequencies.


7. Edifier P12

bookshelf speakers under 100

Edifier p12 is an excellent choice at a low price. It has the build of MFD as the same other budget speakers, but it offers little more things. Such as, the company used the wood finish and the brown color on the side looks more professional than cheap bookshelf speakers.

The 4 inches bass driver in the P12 offers an excellent balanced sound, which sounds more natural sound, and rich in details. The company used a ¾- inch or 19mm dome tweeter specially designed to deliver a full audio experience and well-balanced audio when it comes to performance. It’s one of the best sounding bookshelf speakers on a cheap budget. 

Edifier p12 is a passive speaker, so you should have an amplifier and receiver. However, the manufacturer includes wires and connectors in the box to connect the speaker with any amplifiers or receivers.

Thanks to the built-in wall- mount bracket in the speaker. That allows the user to hang these speakers on the wall as rear surround speakers for your home theatre. Editor P12 comes with two years of warranty which is a great thing.


  • Productive sound performance with enhanced low frequencies.

  • Bracket built-in for mounting to the wall.

  • Two AUX inputs.

  • Remote control.

  • Stylish design with a wood finish.

  • Passive speakers – you need an amp to drive them.

  • Not fantastic at the high-end frequencies.

8.Rockville HD5


bookshelf speakers under 100

The Rockville hd5 is fantastic, powerful bookshelf speakers with the construction of MDF wood sleek wood finish that generally seen in all bookshelf speakers at this price point. But some features make it different from the market options.

These speakers come with 5 inches woofer and 0.75-inch silk dome tweeters, which produce crisp, clear highs. The speakers give you excellent quality sound with crystal clear audio. To enhance this, speakers have built-in a digital class “D” Amplifier with advanced digital sound processing that delivers a real panch and saves your money as well. The Hd5 supports 600 watts peak/ 150 watts RMS – crazy loud! Which makes it best powered bookshelf speaker in the market at a lower price 

The Rockville HD5 is the best wireless bookshelf speaker in the lower budget because It has the support of Bluetooth v 4.2 that allows it to use these speakers at a distance of 33ft without any distraction. There is a USB port so that users can listen to their favorite music without any other equipment. The USB port can handle 16 GB memory cards.

HD5 has 4 presets of EQ curves that you can adjust according to your preference such as, Music, Movie, News, 3d. And 2 Aux input ports allow you to connect the speakers to your TV, phone, or any other device.


  • Thunderous sound performance.

  • Powered speakers with a built-in class D amplifier providing loads of power. 150W RMS and 600W max is impressive.

  • Variety of inputs (2 aux, coaxial).

  • USB input allows you to listen from a memory stick or flash drive.

  • Wireless Bluetooth connectivity.

  •   The Bluetooth range could be a little lacking (this depends on how you plan to use the speakers of course).
  • A frequency response could be better.



The all speakers in our list are well perfect, but it depends on your choice and situation which bookshelf speaker suits you. Because if you have an amplifier or receiver than passive speakers( Micca MB42 or Polk Audio T15) for you. However, if you don’t have anything one of these, then you should invest in an active speaker such as Edifier R1280T and Rockville HD5.


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