Top 10 Best Bluetooth Speakers with Lights

If you love listening to music, you may have a Bluetooth speaker. As we know, everyday new designs of Bluetooth speakers are introduced in the market by well-known brands. Some examples are smart speakers, portable speakers, LED Bluetooth speakers, and water dancing speakers. But Bluetooth speakers with lights (LCD Bluetooth speakers) is a new and cool concept that sounds good.

These speakers enhance the music experience because the listener would not only listen to music through his/her ears and bones. But also amazing lighting effects with various colors that change according to music beats and dance flames that look stunning. Which are perfect for outdoor parties and any enjoyable moment.

Bluetooth speakers with lights are just an upgrade version of a normal Bluetooth speaker. They have an add-on feature of lights that increase your overall experience of music listening.

The other specialties are the same as a Bluetooth speaker. They have acoustic drivers that deliver crystal clear sound quality with good bass and volume, enough for a room, or outdoor atmosphere. They come with Bluetooth technology that allows them to use them with no wire and multi-devices support (mobile, laptop, and tablet and smart tv) so you use them according to your needs. They also design them to be portable and come with built-in long-lasting battery life for long continuous music playtime.

Getting the best-LED Bluetooth speaker one may not be a simple task, so we bring you the following Top 10 best Bluetooth speakers with lights. Have a look.

Top 10 Best Bluetooth  speakers with lights

1. JBL Pulse 3 LED Bluetooth Speaker with lights

The first speaker in our list by well-known brand JBL, they make audible products in various categories. JBL Pulse 3 is one of the best Bluetooth speakers with lights that have a great combination of 360 degrees sound and lighting. JBL Pulse 3 has 360-degree lights. That comes with Ipx67 rating waterproofing housing which allows you to use it on the beach or poolside. It has the support of the JBL connect app that allows you to customize light effects according to your needs.

The light button on the pulse 3 offers 8 lights modes: wave, fire, camp, rainbow, jet, rave, Equalizer, and your customized option. If you shake the JBL pulse 3 it can create a synchronized light show with other JBL 3 devices and customize with the JBL connect app.

As we know JBL provides the best sound quality in every product so here, they maintain this thing in JBL pulse 3 deliver crystal clear stereo sound and balanced bass. JBL Pulse 3 produces a 360-degree surround sound that can easily fill a large room with quality sound.

The drivers of the speaker deliver crisp hugs, nice midrange, and deep low tones. With JBL connect+ technology you can connect 100 plus JBL pulse 3 together that amplify sound so you enjoy the party and with support of the JBL connect app you can set equalizer according to your preference.

It has the support of Bluetooth v 4.2 so you can use it up to 25 meters distance. JBL Pulse 3 has a feature of wireless Bluetooth streaming you can connect up to 2 smartphones tablets or Laptops. Inbuilt speakerphone that has an echo and noise-canceling feature so you can pick calls with no destruction. Integrated voice assistant so you access Siri or Google with a simple button pressing. JBL pulse has 6000 MHA inbuilt battery that delivers 12 hours of nonstop uses 

2.MIANOVA LED Bluetooth Speaker with lights


The Mianova LED Bluetooth speaker comes RGB changing lights that look stunning and eye-catching. It has less price tag as a camper to JBL pulse 3. This Bluetooth speaker has an integrated chip that supports 6 different LED color changing themes and you can also site it manually. When the music plays on this speaker, it changes RGB Lights colors according to song beats that look like a visually looking display.

Mianova led Bluetooth speaker has good quality drivers that deliver 360-degree stereo sound output with crystal clear sound quality. The speakers pump out enough sound that fills a large room. It has good bass with crisp and clear treble range. The speaker is capable of producing loud sounds with crystal clear vocals, so you use it both indoor or outdoor. This speaker has a TF slot with support of 64 Gb memory card so you can enjoy your favorite music with no other devices. 

It has detected button control for volume up, or down music please or pay and track changing button. it has Indicators to show connection status and battery status. This speaker has Bluetooth 4.2 that is capable of all Bluetooth support devices. If you don’t have a Bluetooth supported device, so don’t worry it has a 3.5 mm jack that attaches an audio cable connected to the AUX-IN line. You can attach 2 Bluetooth devices at the same time with this speaker.

Mianova speaker has 2000 MHA Lithium-ion battery that delivers 10 hours battery backup while led off and 8 hours listing time with Led on. This speaker takes up to 2 hours from 0 to 100% charge.


3. Sony SRS-XB41 Portable Bluetooth Speaker with lights



The third speaker in our list by popular brand Sony. They target so many niches and they have a complete series of lighting speakers. The model name is SONY SRS-XB41 it’s a complete package of sound and Lights.

It has a complete plastic build that is bulky and Heavy the entire unit has a fabric finish that looks premium and with Ipx67 rating that protects it from water, dust, rust, which is a great thing. It has a rubber flip that protects the speaker’s internal parts from water and dust. SRS XB41 can survive under 2.5 meters of water for up to 3 minutes. Hence, you can use this near the pool and ocean side.

This speaker has three types of led lights. At first the complete led strip that runs along the top and bottom and wraps around the sides. Second, it has multi-color flashing lights around the speakers that sync to the beat of the songs. And third, flashing strobe near to speakers that look amazing while playing music.

It has 58 mm drivers that produce powerful sound and bass. The party boost feature is quite interesting. You can tap on the speaker to add a sound effect to whatever music you listen to.hit it from the top, bottom, front, sides and it produces different sound effects.

SRS XB41 comes with Bluetooth v 4.2 and NFC support so you can connect it with your device according to the capabilities of your device. It has long listed 24 hours battery backup and you can use this as a power bank to charge up your other devices with 5 w output. The support of the Sony music center adds so you can listen to your favorite music and 100 plus wireless speakers that you connect for a boost up your party fun.this is also good Bluetooth speaker with lights

4.Anker Soundcore Flare+ Bluetooth speaker with lights



The Soundcore flare + is one of the cute speakers of its design inspired by Amazon echo that looks great but it does not offer the same features as an echo.

Soundcore Flare+ has two full-range drivers with dual passive bass radiators and tweeters that deliver 25 w of all-around 360° sound with breathtaking clarity.

It has the additional feature of bass up technology that helps to adjust EQ and driver configuration which produces low-end power hear- thumping beats. It supports a high-frequency range from 55 Hz to 20000 Hz so you can enjoy rich detail, smooth mids.

There is a transparent plastic ring on the flare plus bottom that has sat of multi color led lights. When you turn it on this. you will see a light show that reacts to the music. The Soundcore app allows you to change the themes of ring light such as Party, Energy, Chill, Bedtime and Spring.

Soundcore Flare+ has IPx7 rating water-resistance which will allow you to rinse off the speaker under a tap; it will happily survive being submerged in water up to a depth of 1m.

This speaker has Bluetooth v 5.0 support so you can use this from 33 ft distance of your device. The integrated microphone so you can make conference calls without any destruction. 20 hours of battery backup with a single charge so don’t worry about battery life.

5. SHAVA Night Light with Bluetooth Speaker with lights



The Shiva Night light Bluetooth speaker is a multi-functional speaker that you can use as per your requirements. It can be used as a wireless Bluetooth speaker, touch control LED mood lamp, sd card music player, hands-free speakerphone, table lamp and night light for children. Hence, it becomes the best Bluetooth speakers with lights at lower price.

This speaker has 5 color changing themes with changing light mode that reacts with the beat of the music that you play on the speaker. The speaker supports touch-sensitive controls that you can use to change the brightness level of the speaker.

The warm light mode by simply tapping the speaker mesh and switching immediately to the color light mode by tapping and holding speaker mesh. This speaker has a compact size that allows the user to use it while traveling and camping.

Shiva Bluetooth speakers have multiple ways to listen to music. It comes with Bluetooth 4.2 so you can enjoy your favorite music from a distance of 33 ft. The speaker has a micro-sd card slot so you can enjoy your playlist without the support of any other device. 

It has a Built-in mic which supports excellent hands-free capability because it has the noise cancellation software. The battery life is not good as our first pics because it has only a 1000 MHA battery that gives it 5 to 8 hours backup.

6.NULED Flame LED Bluetooth Speaker with lights

If you are looking for something different from a Bluetooth speaker then Nuled Flame LED speakers may be a good choice for you.if anyone sees this speaker he/she cannot judge this because it’s the combination of Lamp and Bluetooth speaker.

This entire speaker comes with matte finish with an elegant has 60 LEDs and a stunning light show display. You can use this speaker for both indoor or outdoor because it has ip65 waterproof protection. The LEDs on this speaker produce a warm yellow light that forms stunning flame Visual. This speaker has the option of either playing music with the LED lights turned on, or using the speaker without the LED lights.

Nuled flame speakers produce good quality sound with support 5w output. But if your pocket allows you to spend more money you should buy two NULED flame speakers and turn on both together then they will connect automatically.

Play stereo music with left and right sound with no lagging. The speaker can produce good bass and deliver plenty of volume without any distortion. The midranges and highs sound crisp on this speaker.  

It has Bluetooth 4.0 version so you can enjoy music from 33ft without any destruction. The inbuilt 3600 mAh battery that you can charge through Micro USB port. The speakers can also be installed or mounted on the wall with a built-in ¼” UNC threaded hole at the bottom.

7. VersionTech LED Bluetooth Speaker with lights

The Versiontech LED Bluetooth speaker has a unique diamond shape design with plastic construction. That looks good as compared to other options in the market with this price range. It is one of good looking and short size Bluetooth speakers with lights.

The speaker has built-in acoustic drivers that provide a wide audio spectrum and stereo sound quality as well. The sound quality of this speaker is really good. it pumps out crisp highs and deep bass without any destruction at high volume levels. The sound quality is very clear and vocal performances are reproduced with good accuracy.

It has An LED display on the top which gives it a unique look.The speaker’s Built-in LED lights changes with the beat of the music and gives the effects of making the music come to life. It has 6 color rainbow LED lights that provide a visually stunning LED display.

The speaker is equipped with Bluetooth 4.1 for high-quality music streaming and is compatible with virtually any Bluetooth enabled has a lightweight and portable size so you can store it directly in your backpack or take it with you while traveling.

This speaker comes with a built-in 1200mAh rechargeable battery that provides up to 8 hours of continuous music playback. And TF card supports so you enjoy your favorite playlist without any other gadgets.

8. AXESS SPBL1044 Vibrant Plus Black HIFI Bluetooth Speaker with Disco LED lights

Axess vibrant plus Bluetooth speaker has a colorful cylinder shape design that is placed horizontally for playback. The body is covered in an Aluminium grille that protects this and makes it strong Build. Axess vibrant plus has 7 color full grill options so you can choose your favorite one. The unit is outfitted with a strap to carry it around. At 8 inch length, it’s pretty portable.

The speaker has LED glow effects that regularly change with music and dancing lights are more attractive and stunning. The sound quality of the speaker is good; it has a wide volume range that gets loud. The speaker has a 3-inch subwoofer for clear dynamic sound, heavy bass and cool LED light effects. One thing that might disappoint you is not good bass production.

The unit supports Bluetooth, USB, Micro SD card, auxiliary 3.5mm, and Fm radio inputs.It has Built-in 1, 800 mAh lithium rechargeable battery that gives you 4-6 hours backup on a single charge.

9.ION Party LED Bluetooth Speaker with lights

If you love disco lights and looking to have them in your pocket then ION Audio Party Starter MK II may suit your taste. 

This speaker has a small size and complete plastic build with shining black colors.on the top side, there are Project pulsating multi-colored party lights. That looks stunning when you use this in your room the all lights effects spread on walls and ceilings. That feels like a portable disco in your home.

The ION has a powerful range speaker and bass radiator that deliver rich sound with crystal clear details, and Good bass. This speaker is enough to fill a room or an outdoor environment.

The speaker supports wireless Bluetooth streaming from any Bluetooth enabled device and also works with iPhone, iPad and Android is easy to pair and you can use it a distance of up to 33 ft.

It has a long-lasting rechargeable battery that delivers 6 to 8 hours backup with a single charge and there is a Micro USB port to juice up the battery. There is an inbuilt mic for making hands free calls and dedicated buttons for track skip/play/pause buttons.

10.Nuvelon Flare LED Bluetooth Speaker with lights

The Nuvelon flare is the speaker that can enhance the beauty of your home because it has a unique Lalten design with lights that look charming and dazzling. Each part of speaker mode, from the handcrafted aluminum badge to the plexiglass lenses, is precisely engineered for fit to minimize vibration. The Nuvelon features pulsating LED lights with a range from calm serene glow to beat-pulsing rhythms that move to the beat of the can also customize the light show according to your wish.

The audio quality of a Nuvelon speaker is just amazing because there are acoustic drivers on the speaker which can produce good bass and audio, with 15 watts of pure audio output you can enjoy crystal clear sound and strong bass. ( They claim that Nuvelon speakers can compete with JBL and Bose speakers).Flare portable Bluetooth speakers can stream music to Spotify and iTunes from your iPhone, iPad, Android, or audio device.

The speaker has an IPx5 rating that makes it ideal for indoors and outdoors. You can connect 100 plus Nuvelon flares to boom the sound. Bluetooth 4.2 support so you connect it with any Bluetooth enabled device. It is the best Bluetooth speakers with lights and a huge battery capacity of 6600 MHA long-lasting battery that gives you 10 hours non stop backup and it takes 3 hours to fully charge. ( it’s battery life.


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